The exhibition of the draft Bayside Development Control Plan 2022 (DCP) occurred over 28 days, from 7 September to 5 October 2022.

At a meeting on 23 November 2022, Council considered feedback and recommendations tabled in a post-exhibition report. Council resolved to amend the DCP to include all changes recommended in the report and make specific amendments to car parking rates and provisions under Chapter 3.5 Transport, Parking and Access. Click here to view the Table of Amendments.

Council also resolved to re-exhibit the amended draft DCP for six weeks from 12 December 2022 to 30 January 2023. Click here to view the amended version of the draft Bayside Development Control Plan 2022 and then share your feedback via the submission form below.


The draft Bayside Development Control Plan 2022 (DCP) will replace the existing DCPs that applied to the two former LGAs of Botany Bay and Rockdale, the Botany Bay Development Control Plan 2013 and Rockdale Development Control Plan 2011.

The DCP is one of two key land use planning documents that apply to the Bayside LGA, alongside the existing Bayside Local Environmental Plan 2021 (LEP). DCPs provide detailed planning and design provisions and guidelines to support planning controls contained in the higher-level Local Environmental Plans.

The draft Bayside Development Control Plan 2022

The draft Bayside DCP 2022 will facilitate quality development, protect neighbourhood amenity and maintain environmental quality. It will set requirements for site amalgamation, building setbacks and envelopes, landscape treatments, privacy, parking and other detailed planning, urban design and public domain considerations.

It is intended that the draft Bayside DCP 2022 will:

  • Carry forward most of the provisions contained in the two existing DCPs
  • Create a common set of DCP objectives and controls for the Bayside LGA
  • Reflect the objectives of the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities, and the priorities of the Eastern City District Plan
  • Implement the relevant priorities and actions of the Bayside Local Strategic Planning Statement
  • Complement the aims, objectives, land use tables and clauses of the Bayside Local Environmental Plan 2021 (LEP)
  • Address any anomalies and inconsistencies in the current DCPs

Have your say

Council is seeking your feedback on the amendments to the draft Bayside Development Control Plan 2022. You can make a submission in the following ways;

Online: Using the submission form below.

By email:

In writing: Strategic Planning, Bayside Council, PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216. Please quote reference number F18/262 in your submission.

The last day to give feedback is 30 January 2023.

In accordance with legislative requirements, if you have made a reportable political donation or gift within the past two years, a Disclosure Statement must accompany your submission.

Next steps

Your feedback will inform the final Development Control Plan which is expected to be presented to Council for adoption in February 2023.

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Submission form - open

The Submission Form - Re-exhibition of Draft Bayside DCP 2022 survey has now concluded

Submission form - closed

The Draft Bayside DCP 2022 survey has now concluded