We have created our first Urban Forest Strategy to address challenges like climate change, population growth and urban heating.

It aims to ensure Bayside's resilience to everchanging environmental conditions.

Bayside's Urban Forest

Our urban forest, defined by its tree canopy, extends across various locations, encompassing natural bushland, public parkland, and public street verges.

We have set a tree canopy target of 35% on public land by 2040. This equals an additional 22,022 trees!

To achieve this our strategy outlines our approach to get there and the actions required to hit our target.

We now want to hear from you about our Urban Forest Strategy.

Have Your Say

We need your feedback on our draft strategy, Drop a marker on our interactive map or complete a 1-minute survey. Have Your Say

The new Urban Forest Strategy - Principles and highlights

The Strategy is guided by 5 principles each with a list of actions to achieve our target.

    Highlights - Partnering with the community to help grow the urban forest e.g. Adopt-a-Tree’, ‘Trees for Mum’, ‘Trees for Dad’.

    Review Street Tree Masterplan looks at species, locations, biodiversity

    Principle 1 - Learn

    Highlights - engage with the community and staff on the benefits and barriers for protection and growth of urban forests.

    Promote our Urban Forest

    Principle 2 - Engage

    Highlights - Increase annual budgets, resourcing and maintenance.

    Identify opportunities to trial dense vegetation planting, e.g. micro-forests.

    Principle 3 - Invest

    Highlights - Update our Significant Tree Register with aesthetic, botanic, ecological, historical, cultural, and social value trees.

    Review Development Control Plans - tree retention and planting, unlawful removal on public (and private) land.

    Principle 4 - Protect
  • GROW

    Highlights - promote growth of the urban forest.

    Inventory of water-sensitive urban design devices on public land

    Investigate opportunities to increase plantable space on public land.

    Principle 5 - Grow
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