Jet Ski is a common term used to describe Personal Watercraft (PWC).

Bayside Council is committed to ensuring our public places are safe, including our beaches and waterways. During the summer months, visitation to our foreshore increases, and so does the use of PWC in Botany Bay and the Georges River.

The Bayside community has expressed broad concern about dangerous and anti-social PWC behaviour in our waterways.

What is happening now?

Waterways in NSW are governed and regulated by Maritime NSW and also regulated by NSW Police Marine Area Command. Council plans to advocate on behalf of the community to the State Government to improve the safety of our waterways and beaches.

To inform our submission, we ask the community to let us know about incidents and locations of anti-social jet-ski/PWC behaviour in Botany Bay and the Georges River using the interactive hotspot map below.

How can you report anti-social and dangerous PWC behaviour?

In an emergency, please call 000.

To report anti-social and dangerous PWC behaviour, call NSW Maritime PWC hotline on 13 12 36, or the NSW Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

Support Council's advocacy efforts by providing your feedback on the location and type of behaviour via the hotspot mapping tool below.

What are the rules for PWC users?

It is important to understand there are rules and guidelines that apply to waterway users, including PWC users, and beachgoers/swimmers.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has a Personal Watercraft Handbook: A guide to the key PWC rules and requirements. You can read the handbook here.

The handbook outlines different restrictions in different zones. Botany Bay is zoned a "Restricted Zone". Each zone has specific boat and PWC safety restrictions, including how you operate and navigate near beaches or the shoreline. The boating maps work in conjunction with the handbook and demonstrate navigational rules and restrictions in an area.

The handbook also contains other PWC operating guidelines for example:

  • Driving a PWC between sunset and sunrise is prohibited, regardless of whether navigation lights are fitted.
  • Safety in and around swimming areas, (see page 12 of the PWC handbook)

Council encourages beachgoers/swimmers, PWC users, and all waterway users to refer to the Personal Watercraft Handbook A guide to the key PWC Rules and Requirements and TfNSW Boating Maps guide for navigational restrictions, to understand current restrictions and guidelines. Boating maps are vital for negotiating the waterways in NSW. They clearly show navigational aids and restrictions, for example, boating maps will show that "beaching": is restricted in some areas and is permitted in other areas.

For more information go to TfNSW website.

Have Your Say

Have you witnessed anti-social PWC/Jetski behaviour over the summer? Let us know where by dropping a pin on the interactive map below.