At Council we are committed to making Bayside safer, this includes on our roads.


We understand that hooning, dangerous driving, and anti-social and public nuisance driving is an issue that impacts Bayside residents, visitors, and businesses in multiple ways. Whilst the council has no role in policing speeding and hooning or vehicle noise offences, we can advocate on behalf of the community.

Advocacy, in conjunction with what the council can provide; being the road environment and conditions, aims to reduce the incidence and severity of incidents.

What's happening now?

We have created an interactive map to collect information on speeding and hooning from our local community.

What will we do with the data?

Council will use the data to support future programs to change road user behaviour, improve safety and foster a culture of shared responsibility on our roads.

Council will advocate on behalf of our community and highlight "hotspots" in a report to the police, advocating for the allocation of resources and giving impetus in addressing behaviour and pinpointing certain areas and hotspots.

Need more information?

NSW EPA is currently trialling noise cameras in the Bayside local government areas in response to community concerns about anti-social behaviour and noisy vehicles. Click here to provide feedback and for more information.

You can read more about traffic management here.

Share hotspots - Use Interactive Mapping Tool, drop a pin on the location of speeding and hooning hotspots.