What is an off leash dog exercise area?

    An off leash dog exercise area is a designated area, either fenced or unfenced, where dogs can exercise. The dog owner or handler must be present at all times and is still responsible to have the dog under effective control within the off- leash area.

    The handler MUST be aged 16 years or older.

    A person cannot have more than four (4) dogs under their control in a public place.

    Dogs must also be micro-chipped, registered and wear a collar with a name tag that shows the name of the dog, the address and telephone number of the owner.

    Are all dogs allowed to use the off – leash dog exercise area?

    No – not all dogs can use the area. Greyhounds, dogs declared dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dogs are not permitted.

    Also - no organised dog activity (eg professional dog exercise groups and dog clubs) is permitted in the area unless approved in writing by Council.

    Is the proposed off – leash dog exercise area too close to the existing swimming enclosure?

    The proposed area is designed to meet the guidelines of the Companion Animals Act 1998 including the required distance of 10 metres from a children's playground. The swimming enclosure is 150 metres from the proposed off-leash area.

    What about environmental impacts on the sand dunes, flora and fauna on the foreshore?

    Council commissioned an independent environmental assessment to explore the potential impact of the proposed off-leash dog area on the foreshore. The Environmental Assessment found there to be no significant impact to the area as a result of an off- leash dog exercise area. The Environmental Assessment recommended that Council:

    • Ensure that Rangers monitor the off leash area regularly to ensure users are not disregarding the area with regard to removal of dog faeces, litter and remaining within the designated boundaries; and
    • Install fencing to continue along the back of the beach to prevent access by dogs to the dune areas 

    Are dogs allowed off leash outside the boundaries of the off leash exercise area?

    Dogs are permitted off-leash within the declared off-leash dog area only and must wear a collar while off leash.  Dogs must be on a lead outside the declared off-leash area.

    Will there be bins for owners to help dog owners clean up after their pets?

    Yes. The proposal includes providing bins and bag dispensers to dispose of dog faeces and any other litter. 

    What happens if there is a problem in or around the Dog Exercise Area?

    Signage listing all relevant contact numbers for use in the event of any emergencies, complaints or maintenance issues will be placed at entry points to the area.

    Under the Companion Animal Act 1998 Council is required to maintain and monitor the area appropriately and respond promptly to any customer requests and complaints.