What is the Housing Strategy vision?

    Our vision:

    "By 2036 Bayside will have transformed its housing supply to include greater housing choice and diversity as well as improved housing affordability, meeting the needs of the diverse and expanding community. 

    Short term development will be balanced with long term housing need with opportunities retained for higher density development in the longer term if new mass transit is delivered. Growth will be linked to the delivery of improved infrastructure and maintaining local liveability.  

    Bayside will maintain its status as a great place to live, with a balance of vibrant higher density centres, detached dwellings in a suburban setting and medium density and attached housing that is sympathetic to the existing housing character." 

    What are the objectives of the Housing Strategy?

    We have developed six objectives to guide future housing directions across the LGA. These directions reinforce the multi-faceted role Bayside Council plays in housing policy:

    1. Planning for housing supply will establish sufficient capacity to accommodate future (20 year) housing demand while retaining the capacity to accommodate longer term demand aligned with transport infrastructure provision.
    2. New housing will be located in and around existing centres with accessibility and walkability to public transport and align with the provision of transport and other infrastructure.
    3. New housing will deliver greater diversity of housing choice to meet the changing needs of the local community, including housing suitable for families and older people and adaptable housing.
    4. Housing affordability in Bayside would be improved, with relatively affordable housing protected and additional affordable rental housing provided.
    5. Advocacy and partnerships would encourage direct investment into transport by the NSW Government and ensure a collaborative approach to housing and transport provision.
    6. New housing would be of high quality, well designed, responsive to local character and meet the community’s needs.

    How were the housing targets calculated?

    The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) used population projections to set aspirational housing targets for the Bayside LGA between 2016 and 2036.

    Council engaged SGS Economics and Planning (SGS) to assist the development of the strategy. SGS used DPIE's target as a baseline but relied upon their Housing Demand Model to carry out a more in-depth demand analysis which considered factors such as:

    • Recent growth in the number of young people in Bayside between 2011 and 2016;
    • Increases in household size between 2011 and 2016; and
    • Calculating a feasible rate of growth to inform population projections. 

    In summary, DPIE’s population projections act as the starting point for the SGS Housing Demand Model. This ensures that Bayside’s housing demand is aligned with broader population projections and the corresponding NSW Government housing targets. If you would like to read more about how the housing demand was calculated, please see page 23 of the draft Housing Strategy.