Bayside is a key economic hub locally, nationally, and on the global stage attracting national and international industry investment. Our local government area is thriving with a diverse range of industries and economic drivers.

We understand the importance of collaboration and partnerships in economic development. Council advocates and engages with industry, government leaders, local businesses, and social enterprises to leverage our strengths and future opportunities.

We are committed to working with businesses, investors, and other stakeholders to achieve our objectives and ensure the long-term economic success of the region.

Bayside Economic Profile

Are you planning for business growth, refining your marketing plan, or exploring investments in Bayside LGA?

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This page is intended to be a helpful directory of services available in Bayside LGA. Council has compiled this information to the best of our knowledge in a rapidly changing environment.

Grants and Financial Assistance

Bayside Grant Centre

Bayside Council is proud to provide the Bayside Grant Centre to all local businesses, community groups, not-for-profits and individuals. This site provides comprehensive list of grant and funding opportunities available to you. Our free service means you will never miss a grant opportunity again.

NSW Government Grants and Funding

Find a NSW Government initiative, grant or funding program to help support your business or project.

Business Support

Free One-on-One Business Support and Advice

Bayside Council partner, Service NSW, offers local businesses a Business Concierge that provides businesses ongoing one-on-one guidance. If you're thinking of starting a business, or need advice on an existing business, contact your Business Concierge today!

How to do Business with Bayside Council

Becoming a successful supplier for local government can be daunting.

There are a lot of rules and regulations and understanding why and how decisions are made is important. We want to encourage potential suppliers to form profitable long term partnerships with us, but we also need businesses to understand why councils work the way we do.

Online Forms

Online Forms for Business

As a business owner, it is common to require permits from Council or seek assistance to better understand the relevant regulations. To help you navigate through this process, we have provided online forms with guides that outline some of the typical business activities and associated regulations.

Register a food business, apply for A-Frames and footway trading, and more.

  • Register a food business

    All businesses that sell or process food must register and pay a fee, and are subject to routine food safety inspections.  The registration fee applies to recover the costs of our food safety inspection services that help keep people safe and healthy.

    Food Business Registration Form 
  • Home-based food business registration

    You must register your home-based food business, and comply with food safety standards if you are preparing or storing food at home for sale to consumers.

    Home-based Food Business Registration Form 
  • Footway trading and A-Frames

    Apply for a Footway Trading Zone to use the footway, known as a footpath, for outdoor dining or if you want to display goods, furniture, or an A-frame sign.

    Footway Trading and A-frames Application Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Skin Penetration Services

    Businesses providing skin penetration services must register with Bayside Council, pay a fee, and be compliant at the time of routine inspections.

    Skin Penetration Services Registration Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Public Swimming Pools or Spas

    You must register with Bayside Council if you operate a swimming pool or spa for public bathing or swimming, pay a fee, and be compliant at the time of routine inspections. 

    Public Swimming Pools or Spas Registration Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Mortuary

    You will need to register your premises to operate a funeral home or mortuary in the Bayside local government area (LGA).

    Mortuary Registration Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Caravan Parks

    You must register with us when planning to operate a caravan park in Bayside local government area (LGA), pay a fee, and be compliant at the time of routine inspections.

    Caravan Park Registration Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Cooling Towers

    You must register with Bayside Council and comply with the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulations 2022, if you have installed on your premises, a water-cooling, evaporative cooling, or warm water system like a cooling tower or thermostatic mixing.

    Cooling Towers Registration Form 
  • Regulated Premises - Underground Petroleum Storage

    An Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) is an underground storage facility that holds petroleum products. This includes components such as pipes, valves and any apparatus that aids in the storage of petroleum products.

    UPSS Registration Form 

Business Sustainability

Success Through Sustainability

Unlock savings through sustainability!

Join the free program to learn how to slash operating costs through eco-friendly practices.

  • receive a free assessment and action plan to save money and reduce business environmental impact;
  • connect with a network of like-minded environmentally conscious businesses;
  • earn accreditation badges to attract environmental conscious customers
  • be promoted to the local community.

Reduce Your Business Impact

Adapt NSW suggests adopting sustainable practices to respond to the increasing demands from stakeholders and customers for climate resilience and more sustainable practices.

Guides, Case Studies, Funding and Support Programs

Advice to manage your business energy costs, energy efficiency technologies and opportunities from the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Communities and Networks

Niche Business Communities